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The academic program for all Montessori programs is built around a major component of an uninterrupted span of time in which the child can explore, ponder, experiment, document and work with an idea or a piece of material satisfying an internal need to concentrate and integrate.  This span is usually a 2/3 hour block of time in which nothing but the classroom schedule is honored.


In addition to this time honored piece, additional experiences are provided within or outside the classroom.  These enrichment subjects within the academic portion of the work day are: 

  • Science

  • Computer Class

  • Music Lessons/Piano

  • Soccer

  • Dance/Ballet

  • Football

  • Gymnastics

  • Chess

Related work in some of these areas is available within the classroom and is accessible as a choice for the students.  Computers are located in the classroom and are an extension of the Montessori curriculum.  Field trips are arranged to coordinate with their studies in the classroom.