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Montessori > The Montessori Difference



  1. Education based                                              

  2. Parents as primary educators                          

  3. Child-centered                                                  

  4. Child has capacities to be discovered                                                                                      

  5. Teachers are trained and credentialed with specific pedagogy                                           

  6. Education-based learning through discovery  

  7. Classroom is a prepared environment that invites children to explore individually              

  8. Multi-age groupings                                         

  9. Discipline through prepared environment,  and language of virtues                                    

  10. Broad scope of spiraling curriculum including math, botany, science, geography, language                                                          

  11. Children work independently and choose their own work                                                  

  12. Systematic and sequential educational curriculum with a philosophy based on child development                                                     

  13. Specialized designed 3 dimensional materials to teach subject areas using the senses to integrate information

  1. Custodial care                                                  

  2. Parents as clients                                             

  3. Adult-driven                                                      

  4. Child has limited capacities and  needs adult to give him purpose & skills                              

  5. Child care provider with varied experience .                                                                            

  6. Play based learning                                          

  7. Adult sets up daily activities that everyone does together                                                   

  8. Single-age grouping                                         

  9. Discipline through corrective action by an adult                                                                  

  10. Non-systematic & limited subject area determined by child care provider                                                                                            

  11. Children are taught by child care provider  in groups                                                                      

  12. Curriculum based on activities that are arts and craft based                                                                                                                          

  13. Everyday materials used to accomplish a task

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