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A school is only as good as the teachers on staff.  This is particularly true for a Montessori school because the philosophy is distinct and the methodology supporting the principles inherent in the philosophy uses materials specially designed to invite children to discover the world.  If teachers are not trained in this specific approach and how to present the scientifically designed materials, the outcomes will be compromised and the children’s efforts may not achieve the goals possible. 

That said, it is also true, that just because you have a specific training, doesn’t mean a teacher has the personal qualities that are paramount for working with young children such as:  nurturing, enthusiastic, patient, loving, intelligent, curious, peaceful, innovative, focused, and world embracing.

Eldorado Montessori has made a commitment to parents and children that teachers invited to participate in our school have both sets of essential requirements, training and personal qualities.  Our lead teachers are able to demonstrate their knowledge of the Montessori philosophy and methodology by having trained in an AMS, AMI, IMC or MACTE approved training program.  Assistant teachers will have or will be acquiring training that best prepares them to assist the lead teacher on a day to day basis.  The specialists who offer enrichment classes will demonstrate their competencies in their field of interest prior to being invited to teach our children along with assuring us that their orientation to learning and guiding children is compatible with the Montessori approach.

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