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Welcome to Eldorado Montessori!

The staff at Eldorado Montessori extends a warm welcome and an invitation to all families and residents in the area to visit our Montessori school.

As a member of the community, we are prepared to make a positive contribution to the greater area and we look forward to joining a community that serves people with respect, care and enthusiasm.

In providing an educational setting for our children, we know our commitment will reap limitless bounties by creating resources developed by nurturing each child’s gem-like capacities that will extend beyond our city limits to that of the world in need of new ideas and the courage to make them happen.

We look forward to working with you on future ideas that can serve our communities within the means we have as a school. We hope to work together with other community groups and individuals to creatively and unitedly meet the opportunities and challenges facing us all.

Please feel free to stop by our school, ask questions, take a tour, and meet us, as we build a school community that is dedicated to children who will advance civilization through their devotion and skills which were nurtured in the very first years of their life here in Eldorado Montessori.

Joyful regards,

Staff of Eldorado Montessori

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